Sky Try is a seven year programme that will support and develop grassroots participation of the sport across the UK.







The Sky Try Programme

The Sky Try programme aims to ‘make a difference by increasing the amount of viewers, spectators and participants to Rugby League. The RFL view this as a great opportunity to develop and grow the sport by ensuring all projects adopt the following principles:

  • Drive long term growth through outcomes and impact;
  • Uniform product delivery and monitoring;
  • Accountability throughout the programme – proven return on investment;
  • Start of the journey’ towards governance excellence;
  • Drives ticket sales;
  • Used to develop academic research to help access further funding.



The Sky Try Project

The Sky Try Programme has four distinct pillars as shown below which have specific targets and outcomes based on the guiding principles.

Sky Try
Sky Try
Sky Try
Sky Try












Sky Try Primary Rugby League: is delivery in a cluster of primary schools  located around targeted Community Clubs (Belle Vue Bees) targeting 8-9 year olds. Each primary school will receive a minimum of 5 weeks consecutive coaching, followed by a recruitment event such as an assembly or participation festival. All Primary teachers in the Sky Try project will be offered CPD. Community Clubs will be selected to work as targeted partners for participation by the Sky Try deliverer. The Sky Try deliverers will work with these Clubs to help upskill coaches at Primary Rugby League age groups through running coach development CPD, and actively recruit participants who have received delivery in the primary school.

Sky Try Local school competition and player development: is aimed at increasing local opportunities for secondary school boys to play Rugby League, either for the first time or to assist in providing more regular opportunities for students at Key Stage 3 (year’s 7 – 9 boys) to play. Linked to the competition delivery is the CPD workshops for secondary school teachers and community coaches U12-U14 that assist in further development of Rugby League and sustainability of the sport.

Sky Try Play Touch: is a 6 week touch workout project aimed at increasing the number of girls participating at Key Stage 3 and 4 (years 12 – 15) benefiting from an extraordinary participant experience.

Making the big games bigger: is targeted at increasing the number spectators at club matches and RFL major events through the Sky Try local projects.