Rugby League, The Greatest Game

Do you want to improve yourself? You don’t need an excuse to get involved with sport!

Here are some reasons why Rugby League is good for you!

Rugby, no matter what the code, is seen to be a physical sport. And there is no denying it can be, however, thousands of people across the globe take part in modified forms of the sport on a weekly basis.

Rugby League is one of a very few sports that benefits participants in more ways than just keeping them active. Rugby League is a sport for all ages, whether a participant is 5 or 65 this game really is good for you!


Rugby League has been adapted in many ways to suit its participants, Young children play Tag Rugby League which ensures that there is minimal contact. This creates a safe environment for youngsters to learn how to play the game without the worry of being injured! Touch Rugby League is similar to Tag Rugby whereby there is minimal contact throughout the game. Masters Rugby League is a modified game for the older generation of players. This involves a mixture of full contact, touch and tag rugby depending on the age of the participant. There are also more variations of the sport such as Wheelchair Rugby.


The majority of people get involved with sport for enjoyment. Even the world’s sporting elite were participating in their chosen sports purely for the enjoyment of playing the game! Rugby League is a perfect opportunity to become involved in sport socially. The modified versions of the sport mean that participants from all walks of life can participate together, just for fun!

3.Physical Development

Participation in Rugby League helps develop all muscle groups within the body. Touch and tag rugby are excellent ways to increase the cardio-vascular fitness of participants. Playing full contact Rugby also incorporates muscular strength and endurance as well as core stability. All forms of Rugby League are ideally suited to the physical development of the younger playersincreasing their body’s ability to perform core functional movement skills throughout all aspects of the sport.

4.Rugby League is INCLUSIVE

Rugby League is inclusive of all participants, evidence of this fact can be found in the fact that there are several adaptions of the sport to ensure that EVERYBODY wishing to become involved in sport can do so, regardless of their age, gender, race, ability and so on. No matter what your back ground, you CAN become involved with such an amazing sport, which will benefit you and your lifestyle in more ways than just keeping active!

We have all seen those images of football players crowding a Match Official, ranting about a disagreement to a decision. This is something that you will almost certainly never see on a rugby field. Rugby League prides itself on Respect. Whether you are a Match Official, Spectator or a Player, Rugby League provides an environment where all parties have a great amount of respect for all members of the sport.

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