AST Hampsons back the Rangers

Manchester Rangers are delighted to announce that AST Hampsons have joined the Rangers for the third consecutive season


AST Hampsons have committed to a third year of sponsorship with Manchester Rangers as we approach the 2018 season, a year in which Rangers have silverware in their sights. The support of AST Hampsons has allowed Rangers to upscale our operations year and year and provide a superior match day experience for spectators and players alike, alongside helping to grow our community department.

Manchester Rangers Chairman, Phil Fitton, was overjoyed to have AST on board once again

We’re delighted to welcome back AST Hampsons as a sponsor for the 2018 season. We look forward to strengthening our relationship over the course of this season and look forward to welcoming staff, family and friendly to our games throughout the season.


AST Hampsons is a long established firm with three offices in and around the North West of England, they have two offices in Rochdale and one in Bury.

Many of the team have been with the firm for years providing a constant level of excellent service in domestic property sales and purchases,  business advice and commercial property services, wills and probate, divorce, personal injury or clinical negligence.

There was a period of time in which people would look to on-line or remote legal service providers, possibly due to cost or perceived speed or ease of transaction but there has been a shift back to more locally focussed service and our clients do enjoy being able to build a relationship with their legal adviser which enables them to feel more confident about the work which is being done for them instead of dealing with a faceless voice at the end of a phone.  

The firm is equipped with all of the usual technology including high spec software and hardware and of course email and internet communication is great, but at the end of the day people need to have someone to go to for support and assistance and being able to have an appointment with the same person you dealt with on the phone is such great value for clients as there is immediate recognition of their needs and understanding of their case without the uncomfortable feeling of being on hold for long periods of time or speaking a different individual each time.

Their clients range from first time buyers looking for their new home to those looking for support and guidance for their financial and other affairs in later life to people who have fallen victim to an accident or negligence which has left them unable to earn a wage or look after themselves and who need someone to ensure they will have the funding and care they need for the future.


Anna Murzell, Partner of AST Hampsons, said;

AST Hampsons are delighted to sponsor Manchester Rangers, the work they do in the community to educate and coach young people is inspirational and we are very pleased to be able to support that.

We are a very community focused firm and we believe that the work and focus of Manchester Rangers sits alongside our own company beliefs. It is important that we give back to the local community and supporting Manchester Rangers is one of the ways in which we are able to do this.

If you are interested in any of AST Hampsons services, you can contact Anna on